A letter to the readers

To all the readers
hi each and everyone reading this post and also to those whom u might tell this blog about(although i find it quite impossible)
as most of u would have guessed by the url that my first name is Somyanshu.Also my last name is Arora
let me just give you an idea what u are going to find on this blog
here you will find articles based upon my honest and unbiased opinion on different things and also some things that you will find as we go along on this beautiful journey
As you must have guessed after reading this much that I am new to blogging i would like to make one thing pretty clear that the views expressed on this blog are mine and do not represent anyone’s else thoughts
If my views hurt anyone then I am sorry
Looking forward to this beautiful journey with you all and hope that you will make this a memorable one.
yours truly
Somyanshu Arora

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