Its pretty interesting what happens when you can’t find anything to write on.You read newspapers,magaines,surf the net,articles etc. but can’t find anything about which you can express yourself.Then ou start to write something fictional,something that has never been heard before,something very special yet new yet fresh.You start to think about it.Then you start to think about your life so that you can take some inspiration from it(as if my life is the strangest and the most refreshing).you ponder and ponder over it.You think about how your gym instructor has not allowed you to eat your favourite food because he thinks they are high on calories(who says they are:a halg sandwich has only 125 calores and i used to eat only 8 of them is that extra?).You think about your first crush so that you can write on it then you discard it,you think about how someone you know pee in front of someone’s house ,you think about how you found someone on the net and how you subsequently dumped that one or how you were dumped.But you discard all these ideas and keep thinking.You then think of something else for example your school life,your teachers and your feuds with them.But you leave it all and wonder even more.Then you move on to your favourite sport story,you also give a thought to how you by mistake slapped your teacher once,you think about your first date and all that.
but you discard all these and suddenly you realise that you can write a post on all this only .
On how you tried to find something and still can’t find anything.
You say wow and are astounded.
So this the my post about my thoughts and potential topics what about you?


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