Veer Pratap Singh a.k.a. Veeru who had his formal education from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar was resting at his bungalow in sector-110, Mohali, having a great time listening to Bryan Adams. As he was humming Summer of 69, his mobile rang. It was Sunny, his batch mate from IIT, Ropar but more importantly now his partner in solving criminal cases. Yes, their team was the most sought after by the big industrialists who wanted to know more about their wives, by the helpless police officers, handicapped in solving cases by the lack of intellect, by the people who had their little fellas kidnapped for ransom etc. YES, THEY WERE REGARDED AS THE BEST PEOPLE IN THE FIELD OF SOLVING CRIMINAL CASES, AFTER ALL THEY WERE THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN THINK FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN, ONE OF THE INVESTIGATOR AND ONE OF THE CRIMINAL HIMSELF. But, they were going to have their biggest challenge yet.

“Hello, Veeru the commissioner has called upon us, 2 kidnaps have taken place in Chandigarh in the last 2 days” said Sunny.

“Sunny, can’t the police give it a try at least, don’t they know it’s my resting time, it’s a Sunday a holiday” Veeru said with an uncaring attitude. “Don’t they know I have a personal life too.”

“They know you need some time off every now and then, but its election time and the government does not need these type of cases to take place. Moreover, most of the police force is busy in providing security in the election rally. The fact that the elections of municipal commission of Chandigarh are taking place at the same time as the assembly elections has not helped our cause. THE TWO KIDNAPS HAVE BEEN OF GIRLS. THEY WERE LAST SEEN AT AROUND 4:00 p.m. SO THEY HAVE BEEN KIDNAPPED IN DAYLIGHT ONLY. THERE IS A RISING FEAR AMONG THE FEMALES IN CHANDIGARH. NO BODY KNOWS WHO IS GOING TO BE NEXT.ALSO THE CITY IS GOING TO PLAY HOST TO A CRICKET MATCH IN THE COMING DAYS. THE OPPOSITION IS ALREADY THREATENING TO HIT THE ROAD AGAINST RISING CRIME IN THE CITY. THE LAST TIME A KIDNAPPING TOOK PLACE AND THE VICTIM WAS FOUND DEAD AND IT LET TO GREAT TURMOIL. THE SITUATION MIGHT JUST GET GRIMMER THIS TIME.You understand the gravity of the situation don’t you?”

“Okay I will be there in about 1 hour” said Veeru with a sense of responsibility.

“Sorry, Darling got to go. Some urgent work has arrived” said Veeru to his girlfriend Tamanna giving her a peck on the cheek.

At 1:00 p.m. exact they were at the commissioner’s office.

“Gentlemen, we have a problem here, as you must have come to know from the newspapers 2 kidnaps have taken place in the last 2 days…. We are in dire straits and the elections are coming up as, is pressure on us from the upper brass” said the commissioner.

“We understand the situation here.. but we will need some assistance… we will need some policemen for assistance and on the spot warrants” Veeru said putting out his usual demands.

“Okay you have them” said the commissioner.

“So, what are we waiting for? LET THE FUN BEGIN. Sunny, let’s go to the victim’s homes and start from scratch.”

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