The names of the two girls were Neha and Alisha. Alisha was a student of B.Sc computer science at Keshav University, Panjab University and Neha was a sales executive at a call centre somewhere in Industrial Phase-II.  Sunny went to Neha’s home and Veeru to that of Alisha. They collected all the information, their pet names, their native places, their qualifications, their height, age, date of birth.

But nothing was found to be common between these two EXCEPT their behaviour. Their family members informed us that they were receiving treatment from psychiatrists. Both of them were suffering from inferiority complexes. The investigators tried to contact their consultants but they were not available. The following day Sunny went to Keshav University and Veeru to Neha’s office. They asked each of their colleagues but they did not get anything of much substance. Both of them were pleasant ladies and all their colleagues could not believe that they were kidnapped.

Five days passed and again came the weekend. Will there be more kidnaps this weekend was the question on everybody’s lips. The investigation team was at the police headquarters, when an inspector rushed into the office and asked to switch the TV on. When they did, they were in for a shock. The news was that the girls had returned to their homes. They seemed to be unhurt and unscratched. Now, the team went to their homes. No body, could really understand what had really happened. The kidnapper had not asked for any ransom, the girls could not remember much but said that the kidnapper was a very good person and treated them very well. The team asked them that were they at the same place, or did the same person kidnapped them? But they just said they could not remember anything. So, the commissioner decided to drop the case. Everyone seemd to be so happy, the law and order situation was coming back to normal. BUT JUST THEN THERE WAS ANOTHER SHOCKER, SOMEBODY HAD JUST FILED A CASE OF KIDNAPPING OF A 12TH SATNDARD COMMERCE STUDENT. HER NAME WAS SHRUTI.

The last incident was very shocking indeed. The initial investigations revealed the same thing, anxiety problem. She was seeing a psychiatrist as well. Next day, another kidnapped took place, this time of a software engineer. A girl again and again the same thing came about, she was suffering from anxiety problem.

This time, there were heated conversations about the fact that whether these cases should be even looked into or not.

“I don’t see any point in investigating this case. That kidnapper is a psycho. He is not hurting them, he is just sending them back after 5 days.  There are more important cases to look into other than this silly case” commissioner said.

“But we can’t guarantee that these girls would come back like the other two. We don’t even know what happened to them. They just don’t remember much.” Veeru replied.

“But, you can see the other side of the problem as well. This is a developing city, we can’t have all our force investigating a single case. There are more important things to look into.”

“Oh yeah! What’s more important than providing females protection?”

“See, my hands are tied as well. We have to shut this case down”

“Okay, your choice, but Sunny and I will investigate it on our own. But yeah promise to send some help if we need it.”

“Yeah you will have it. You have my word.”

So, Veeru and Sunny took it upon themselves to solve this case. They first went and talked to the psychiatrists of all the girls. They revealed the same thing. These girls were suffering from the problems they were, because they were once molested but they never really filed a FIR against it. Also, the psychiatrists of Neha and Alisha told us that now their clients were normal.
They said they had no idea how they could be cured in such a short span of time.

“How do you treat your patients?” asked Sunny asked Neha’s consultant.

“I use different types of drugs and hypnotism” the doctor replied.

“Is it possible that the kidnapper is using hypnotism to cure these girls?”

“May be”

“Okay, can we see your medical school degree doctor?”

“Oh yes of course”

So, Veeru and Sunny in this way matched the medical degrees of all the four doctors. Nothing was common again.

But one thing was clear and that was hypnotism was used and the kidnapper did not want to hurt these ladies, in fact he wanted to help them. Now, it was clear that who they were looking for was THE ULTIMATE HYPNOTIST.



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