Now before you start reading this thing let me make one thing very clear I am not a ‘loser in lover turned sanctimonious evangelist who comes around on television channels early in the morning and certainly I am not a psychoanalyst who writes books on how to improve one’s life. I am just an ordinary guy who lives in a not so ordinary country whose people were once called sanctimonious by the president of a superpower. So, in short it is up to you if you want to take me seriously and may be face a bit of compunction later in your life.

Now let us get back to the point. I have been thinking of propounding something on this topic since a time I can’t remember because my memory is euphemistically saying a bit ephemeral. This topic was spawned when I saw my friend playing LOVE OR LUST ON MY ANOTHER FRIEND’S IPHONE.

Lust as we all know is nothing but a very strong sexual desire and love is probably a pure form which is an eclectic mix of social, emotional, physical and god knows what else. It is something which has been exalted by posers and humbles along the same lines. Love lets your brain do the thinking part.

I asked one of my friends who had a girlfriend that what were his views on this topic. He simply said “I love her…even if I die my love is going to stay with her forever” and blah blah blah….
Hmmmmm… interesting I should say the least. And when I last saw this guy he was with another girl and when I asked him why he simply replied this one is better. I guess love can’t be ephemeral for the simple reason that it is not driven by AN EPHEMERA CALLED THE HUMAN BODY. It has to be divine, it has to be pure and perpetual.

And that brings me to another question and that is of “marriage”. It has been called the joining of two souls in the presence of the almighty. I wonder then how some pieces of paper can end it. And more surprisingly how in hell we can see many cases where the marriage has ended just because the male was not able to sire or the female was not good in the bed and all the other sex related reasons one can think of. For what was meant to be pure now seems to be contaminated. For what was once eclectic is now promiscuous.

I wonder a lot of times what is this “TOGETHER FOR SEVEN LIVES ONCE YOU TIE THE KNOT CONCEPT.” Many people say that we have been given human form to try and get out of this vicious cycle of life and death. I wonder then that has tying the knot been stopping people from attaining enlightenment over the years. So, is marriage probably just a APPROVAL kind of thing…where you go through some rituals and get entitled to I don’t know probably leaving a more peaceful life.

But this is off course I guess. So, let us come back to the main idea here. As a civilisation (I don’t really know what qualifies us as one) we have always been exhilarated something which is tangible, which can be seen and touched. So, we always tend to think that only physical things are the right ones. And sadly we have tried this with love as well. I really can’t see any other reason in calling having sex as MAKING LOVE. Sorry, to say but I think that many people now think that lust is equivalent to love. And these are the same people who do yoga to connect with the ultimate source of power. I wonder then where this rationale that only SEEN IS TRUE comes from. Most of us are theists and still we think that intangibles are of no value when it comes to love.  What is it that drives this desire to see everything through the eyes of the physical world? No matter, the physical aspect of love is important but it is a part of love and is not love itself.

There is another point I would like to propound here. During the stone age, when there used to be nothing called privacy I don’t think our ancestors would have been getting cosy with each other every other moment. So, may be lust is not natural as well and hence as many would say not perfect. But love is as it exist in the form propensities, tendencies, likings, interests etc. which are completely natural.

Sorry to say if I sound like a Spartan here but I guess while comparing you have to compare with only the perfect things and for some reason I still believe love is perfect and lust is just a farce.

in the end I would like to end with a famous quote, “It is bad to be promiscuous but not to have a promiscuous blend”

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