“Doctor, doctor, please save my daughter in law” pleaded the mother in law.
“See, we are trying our best. But the situation looks grim.”
And then the nurse comes and says “Doctor, the pulse of the patient has lost stability”.
And after sometime, the doctor informs the mother in law, “We are sorry. Your daughter in law is no more. Please collect her body from the mortuary after paying of the bills.”
And suddenly, the 60 year old wakes up on her ostentatious bed and shouts only to find her daughter in law sleeping on the sofa in her room when she should be on a vigil looking after her this relative.

This is a typical melodramatic seen from a typical Indian daily soap. But let’s just think about it, is this life a dream or a reality?

Just like that 18 year old playing a 60 year old, if we wake up and find out that all this was nothing but a dream, a mirror image of what we want to be in our REAL LIFE, a compendium of all the moments we have lived in our REAL LIFE, a reflection of what we are thinking about in our REAL LIFE or nothing but just endless conjured up images.  May be someone is sneering into REAL HOUSE  as you are reading this. If this is life is a dream, it is proving to be utterly long one I guess as compared to those we see in the night.

If it is a dream then there must be an exit from it, a way to get out of this circumscribed life. If this is a dream, may be we do not exist in REAL as well, we are just a result of imagination of someone, making this dream  seen by someone, a nightmare or a pleasant dream for that someone. We are most probably someone that person sees around in his REAL life if we are not, then it is tribute to the power of the human brains if at all that person is a human. Of course if this is not our dream and we do exist, then we must be seeing our own dream. So, just like there can be many universes, there can be many dreams.

Let us just assume that this life is a dream and somewhere we are existing and seeing this dream and try to draw parallels between this dreamy life and the dreams we see in the nights. Many a times when we are sleeping and something bad is going to happen with us we are somehow able to change that just by thinking that it is not going to happen. It is our mind that controlled it. What if we can apply that in this life as well? This dream that we are living might just become even more beautiful, if we can control what is going to happen with us, whom we want to meet, whom do we want to be with, how do we want it to go and how do we want it to end. Everything would be controlled by a highly innervated 1.5 kg organ of our body. Is it a dream may be..but at least we would like to live it the way we want, because in a dream it is us who decide where we are heading. Of course we don’t know whether we exist or not, but if we do and we are seeing this dream. It is probably time that we START THINKING THAT IF WE WANT TO HAVE FUN AND KNOW WHAT WE WANT, THIS CIRCLE OF DEATH AND BIRTH, DREAMS AND MORE DREAMS MIGHT NOT BE THAT BAD AND WE WOULD REALLY BE LIVING OUR DREAMS.

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