A story set in Indian Institute of Technology Ropar….Of course the names are imaginary…
“For god’s sake… least bring a cake” requested Akshay.
“Dude, the bakery is besieged, I can’t get a cake. It is already 9:30, the bakery will close down in about half an hour. I am going to try at Lilly and HMT and any other restaurants I can see, but I doubt I will get one there” shot back Mukul.
“But it is her birthday, I am planning to propose her and I have nothing that will make for a party” Cried Akshay.
“You have at least the candles left over from the last year’s Diwali celebration. You can use them.”
“Without a cake? Candles without a cake? Are you serious? No wonder you were not able to clear MENSA’s qualifiers.”
“Buy some pastries duffer. If I don’t get a cake we will use them and don’t blame me. Who in this world would plan to sneak into girls’ hostel at the middle of the night and propose to a girl she likes but rarely talks to. Look I will try but can’t guarantee anything” said Mukul and disconnected.

Mukul was right. There was no method to this madness. Akshay had just planned to get into the girls’ hostel with the help of Vikas, his roommate. Of course if caught he could be facing suspension or something bigger. But to him this was much more than just an escapade. After years of loneliness he had found someone to fill this void.

It was 11:30 in the night. At 12:15 Akshay had planned to sneak in. He had purchased loads of pastries and got some candles from the store room. Instead of a match box, he would use his friend’s cigarette lighter.
“Hi, who’s it?” asked a frail but sweet voice.
“It is me Shivani, Akshay.”
“Yes, Akshay was sup….waise, is calling at such times one of your idiosyncrasies?”
“Yes and no, but I was getting bored and I thought I should talk to someone. Then it hit me that you are turning 19 in half an hour and I should wish you.”
“Thanks a lot, but why am I smelling there is something more to it then just a birthday wish.”
Yes, I am going to be in your room with some candles and pastries in about 45 minutes” thought Akshay.
“Naah, hey I have got some work to do will catch up later” and he disconnected.”

25 minutes later
“Vikas, it is upto you now” said Akshay. “There is the guard, you need to get him out of there so that I could sneak in.”
“But I have not planned anything. How am I going to do this?”
“You are an ingenious person, you will find a way.”
And so, Vikas started to stroll towards Venus (girls’ hostel) hostel.
“Hi” said Vikas to the security guard.
“Hi, whom do you want to meet?” asked the guard.
“ one. Actually, I was just passing by, and I saw you are reading a newspaper. Would you mind if I take some of it and return it after sometime?”
“Sure, I have already read it. Take all of it.”
The answer staggered Vikas but he was determined to help Akshay. As he was reading the newspaper or imitating to read it, he saw a clipping about Bad Magic and it was the EUREKA, he was looking for. He called Akshay at that very moment.
“Just play along buddy” he muttered and then he started his Oscar winning performance.
“What, the stories of ghost in room number 309 have turned out to be true. Mukul is shouting his head on the wall. He is alone in the room and shouting. The door could not be opened….”    And he continued noticing that the guard was now looking a bit worried.
“I will be there in a moment, yes I will bring the guard as well” And he disconnected.
And they started running towards the hostels and there was a smirk on Mukul’s face as he went pass Akshay standing at the gate of the hostel campus. It was over to Akshay now.

At 12:15 a.m.
Akshay was standing outside Shivali’s room.
This is my time. I have done the hard work, the prize is for the taking now.
So, Akshay knocked at the door. But there was no response. He again knocked and waited, again no response. So, he opened the door and to his surprise there was no one inside.
“Where are you right now?” inquired Akshay on the phone.
“I am in the auditorium, studying and you have wished me once now relax” she answered.
“Don’t you study at your room?”
“Yeah, I do but today I thought I should be alone. I have a test tomorrow and it would be better if I was alone as I could cerebrate better. It’s a difficult course. And what difference does it make if I am in my room or not?”
“Because I am outside your room with some pastries and some Diwali candles in my hand.”
“I know you can be insane and think you are funny but this is the limit. Stop such stupid jokes. And even if it’s true then what could be the reason?” she said at a higher pitch.
“The reason is that I really like you and I want to take this friendship to a higher level.”
“Oh, that’s the sweetest thing one has done for me.” Shivani said and her anger seemed to make way for an innocent delirium.
“So, what do you say, Madame?”
“Get the hell out of there right now, I don’t want to give an explanation to the warden. And about that LIKE thing of yours I am sorry buddy but I have seen you just as a friend and nothing more and I guess I am going to do well with Tanuj.”
“What you and Tanuj, when did that happen?”
“In the evening. Now get the hell out of there or I would call the warden.”
And so it was. Just five minutes ago, everything was looking so propitious and now everything was doomed and the winner was Tanuj, the most introvert of guys.

IT WAS TANUJ AND SHIVANI. They were the new couple. And just now Akshay’s phone rang and it was Vikas.
“Dude, where the hell is Mukul?”
“He is outside the campus and the mission failed.” Akshay replied with sorrow gradually taking the better of him.

After 15 minutes of struggle and some help from Isha, Akshay finally escaped from the hostel. It took some money and some false but copious and self-corroborating excused to take care of the super natural thing turning out to be false. And tomorrow morning Akshay was out of the campus with his friends on a trip to Shimla. He turned off his phones and it was until four days did they return.


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