Hmmmmmmmmmm. Now this story is again based on my experiences which i would like to share.

It was in +1 that i saw her for the first time. I don’t know what made me took notice of her. I had never noticed someone like that.Was it her beautiful eyes,her chubby cheeks,her carefree attitude?  OKAY whatever it was,that’s not the issue here.

Now being a SHY GUY I never talked to her in the school, but after clearing the JEE and gaining some confidence I called her up. And straightaway I started talking to her for 15-25 minutes everyday. Although my phone bill shot up due to these STD  calls but see the positive side, my wish was getting fulfilled. So, after, one month you say
I LIKE YOU VERY MUCH and all that stuff. But she rejects and says “SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE YOU HAVE EARNED A GOOD FRIEND“. You straightaway hit the gym and after some days you are not running you are not walking anymore because you are too tired but you are imagining , imagining about her. You see no improvement in your relations with her but your friends say “SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE OF IT AT LEAST YOU ARE GETTING READY FOR THE INTER IIT TRIALS“.

But you come and read the notice board, the vampires have announced your major exams and you feel lonely again and call the same girl and come to know that she wears specs and you can’t believe that you liked someone wearing specs but she says that females with specs look great and she also sights the example of her elder sister. So, once you open the Facebook account of her elder sister and your friends passing by see her pictures and their jaws drop down in amusement. But you don’t find her beautiful, you are still mesmerized by those beautiful eyes, those chubby cheeks, that carefree attitude and many more. OKAY your friends come and say “DUDE SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE OF IT.FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YOU LIFE YOU REALLY LIKE SOMEONE, YOU ARE IN L…….“.You call up before her before every exam and you get great result and you feel at the top of the world. You call her up again and say thanks to her. You ask her out again but she rejects…………

Your friends ask for a party and you say that you spent all your money on a girl you could never get. You tell this to that girl as well and she says it was a lie but you just can’t tell her you spent 700 on calls 2500 ON YOUR MOBILE DISPLAY WHICH YOU BROKE OUT OF EXCITEMENT WHEN YOU PUT HER PHOTOS IN THE PHONE FOR THE FIRST TIME and when you came over to Delhi 2 times to try and meet her it costed you 2000 rupees and……….You again break up and your parents say “SEE THE POSITIVE SIDE OF IT BETA YOU HAVE TOPPED THE EXAM AND GIRLS ARE VERY BAD

Hmmmmmmmm, you know you have broken up with somebody without being with her and then you see her dating your friend from school. Oh god you hate all this. You start writing poems start to get appreciation for them. Slowly, your poetic skills improve and you write a blog now and you write an article depicting your love life. You send her a link of this your blog and the rest is history. You get a tight slap on your cheek and you say




Note: “I hope the last two lines never become true.

Moral: I guess you can have thousands of girls and Thousands of  relationships in your life to show but you have only one attitude .It depends on you which thing you wanna improve upon.


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