Now, one of my seniors asked me to go to Delhi with me and told me that he would show me how one can take inspiration from all the things he sees on the way. Unfortunately, I could not go with him but only trains can’t inspire you to write something. It could be travelling in the bus as well and that’s what this post is all about.

The day was 07 December, 2011. I had just got up and then I saw a message from my friend. That said “Let us go to school.” I washed my face and got ready only to find that my bike was broken and hence decided to board a bus to school. I went to school had a great time as all the memories rushed back into the one and a half kg organ in my skull. And after that I realised I have another place to go and that’s when it happened.

I took a Metro feeder bus from district centre, Janak puri , New Delhi, which itself is a great place to bring a girl or two with you, but as I told my teacher today, MECHANICAL ENGINEERS RARELY HAVE LOVE MARRIAGE. No, not that it is because there are not many girls in their field but because they are cool enough to realise that if it does not goes well, than may be they won’t be the one to blame for.

When I went inside the bus, I saw true INDIA, it was filled with people and just people. Rickety ro say the least, the conductor offered me the most fidgeting seat in the whole bus, yes the one behind the gear system. As I gasped, I realised there the conductor shouted to the driver, “Stop.” I looked around and I realised there was a new passenger coming into the bus, and when I saw her at the entrance I was entranced. And to my good luck, the conductor asked me to ADJUST a bit, so she would get some space and adjusted I did. I tried the hardest I could and tried to decrease the diameter of my waist by exhaling as much air as I could and trying to breathe without the visible movement of the diaphragm and finally she did sat with me.

Oh! She was beautiful, chubby cheeks, big eyes and those glasses. I don’t know why I fought with one of my friends saying that girls don’t look with glasses. Had I seen her before, that argument would have never happened.

Talk to her! Talk to her! Was what my inner voice said. I remember I had read I piece on PERSONAL CALLING and I had asked what it really is and today was the day I realised what it really is.

“Ah..what’s..” as I was saying the conductor said “Gudiya, you please shift there and let this old lady sit at your place.” So, this was it. The girl of my dreams appears from nowhere and when I am able to augment my confidence enough to talk to her, she is shoved away from me because of an old lady. In this kind of situation even the most spiritual of lady seems to be a bedlam. See, I told you Mechanical guys never end up having a love marriage. This is another reason and it is called BAD LUCK.

As the bus moved on and as my bus stop was nearing I started to give in to destiny. After, minutes there it was, my bus stop, who says only liquid evaporates, sometimes dreams evaporate as well and when it comes to me and girls, they evaporate all the time. As I was walking down the road after descending the bus, I heard someone shout, “Hey!” I looked back and it was DESTINY. The same girl with the specs on and with those hypnotising eyes thrusted into the cavity above those beautiful cheeks was back and so I started to walk towards her, with my heart running like hell and I asked, “Yes, how may I help you?”
“Actually, I was looking for” she said reading from a piece of paper, “MS block. Someone said it is nearby.”
“What a surprise, I happen to live there only. Which house is on your radar?”
“House no.-107”
I was taken aback, because you see, that’s where I live.
“I think you should feel really lucky, because that’s my house. Walk with me.” And suddenly I became the leader. “Whom do you have to meet?”
“Somyanshu Arora, actually I happen to be from the same school, and my teacher told me that I could take his IIT notes from him.”
See, that’s why you give your number to your teachers.
“Well, the guy is generally looks insanely handsome and is very chivalrous and organised in his life, so don’t let my present looks which depict a guy who lives in a cluttered environment because I am Somyanshu Arora.” I said this with utter confidence and a sweet smile, that said yes I am your guy.
“Wow, I never thought I would find you here, because my boyfriend told me that you would away in Ropar.”

Yes, she said it. She had a boyfriend. I mean, how in this world whichever girl I pick, she turns out to be in a relationship. But then, I remembered Charlie Sheen’s dialogue in TWO AND A HALF MEN, “A real beautiful girl, is always lonely because all the boys are afraid to talk to her.” So, she was not beautiful. Of course, she was but let us assume the grapes were sour.

So, life is full of surprises. In our life, anything can happen. Things are generally not sure to happen, but one thing is sure I WAS NOT GOING TO MAKE HER A COFFEE AT MY HOUSE. So, I gave her my notes, of course half-heartedly now that she already had someone in her life and she went away but I know there would be one day, destiny would not be unkind to me, otherwise I would just say MECHANICAL ENGINEERS RARELY HAVE LOVE MARRIAGE AND I AM NOT THAT RARE.

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