TEENAGE DAYS gone by…..

In the chilly winter winds of December 2001, I was standing at the bus stand, along with my father and brother waiting for my school bus. It had been business as usual until then, yes the school bus was late and due to that lousy driver I had to wait at that bus stop in the most dreadfully cold winds I had ever experienced in my life. As I was waiting for the bus, a senior from my school arrived with her father, and uncle started to talk to us. The thing that I still remember most vividly from that talk is this,
“So, what is your age my dear friend?” uncle asked me.
“Nine” I said and quickly covered my nose and mouth with my hands again.
“And yours big boy?” this time my brother was the one who had to answer.
“Twelve” my brother fired back.
“Nice, just one year away from being a teenager” uncle said and I observed that wearing a hat over the head was not such a bad idea as he looked utterly comfortable even in so much cold.
“What do you mean by being a teenager? Does the school award a special status to you when you become one?” I asked quizzingly.
“No, by a teenager we mean someone who is 13-19 years of age. Write down all the numbers from 13 to 19 and you will see that……”
“They end with TEEN.” I said trying to show my teeth as well. Of course they were ultra-white at that time.
“Oh, you are a smart boy. My dear these are the best years of one’s life. You grow as a person every day and find out that life is so much more than you see it in your early days” exclaimed uncle.
As he finished his claimed, the bus arrived and the big guys bid adieu to their children.

Now, after ten years when I am in the twilight of my teenage I really think have had a jolly good time in the last few years of my life. In fact barring some unfortunate ones, I guess everyone likes this period called teenage. What does not happen during this period, you grow rationally, your body starts taking shape, one starts to see the real world as we get more and more freedom and of course as a student how can I deny the amount of education they try to squeeze into our minds in the classroom increases exponentially. Who can deny the fact that one starts to feel the rush of life, the flow of adrenaline in different situations and starts to get answers to different questions of life. Not to mention, no body of knows whether they are right or not. So, this is a period of life where our core of our personality takes a final shape. We face difficulties but at the same time feel the power of responsibilities. It is a period that can be highly chequered and highly smooth as well. And at the final stages of this period we get officially transformed into men and women from boys and girls respectively.

But is this really the best time of one’s life? Look at the things one craves for in this thing. Some crave for more money and thus wish that this circuitous part of their life passes. Some crave for more freedom and think that it can only come when he passes this age because people think that teenagers are not mature enough to handle life. Some want to get a girl or two but know a major part of the society won’t allow it and hence these guys want to grow up and get married ( I guess, these are the people who support child marriage). Some are fed up of listening to the whispers that he can’t handle responsibility and therefore he wants to grow and take on the world.

Practically and sensibly speaking why should there be a best time in our life. Is our life a mathematical function that we keep looking for that maximum point if it exists? And why should a time that has gone by be the best time of your life, have we seen the future? I guess none of us has. So, how can we term a particular period of our life as the better than all that waiting for us? I know a seventy year old can’t be as fit as a 19 year old but why can’t he be happier. Why can’t he be more hungry and why can’t be more passionate. If it would not have been so, than Fauja Singh would have not been able to run a marathon and mind you he is pretty old. The truth is that whether we are a teenager or not, nobody is going to try and stop us fromrocking the party called life. I know being a teenager has its own charm and its own thing, so let us try to stow away a bit of that and keep it for later.

By the way, one of my best friends just turned twenty, so best of luck to him for his coming days.



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