Bajaj automobiles unveiled the model of RE60, an ultra-low cost (ULC) car. With its price set to be between Rs.125,000 and 200,000 it can surely give TATA Nano a run for its money.

On its first look the car seems an extended hatchback but its expected mileage of 35 litres it is touted as the next thing to revolutionise the mass transport in the Indian market after Bajaj had done the same with its three wheelers. The car is a 4 seater and its CNG variant will be launched later. The car will be manufactured at the Aurangabad plant of Bajaj automobiles.

The company is eying not just the Indian market but the outside one as well. The main target would be the people who use three wheelers for transport.

It is an intra-city car so the love birds might not love it and the same goes for the speed lovers as the top speed is just 70 kmph. The thing that goes in favour of this car is its power to weight ratio of 0419. It has a DTS-I engine of 200cc which is placed in the back rather in the front just like it was with TATA Nano.

With all due respect to the manufacturers a lot has been compromised when it comes to comfort, convenience and safety. The car model that was unveiled lacks in Air Conditioning facility, power Windows, central locking, no inbuilt music system, fog lamp, traction control, remote boot, remote filler etc. although the overall design of the car is swanky to say the least the absence of these things and many more can easily prove detrimental to the performance of the car in the market.

So, when compared with TATA nano, RE60 has the edge when it comes to weight and mileage but lacks some comforts that Nano offers. Also, TATA Nano has a higher boot space. To have a look at TATA Nano’s full specifications CLICK HERE and to see those of RE60 CLICK HERE .What will happen and who will have the edge when it comes to sales can only be fully determined once the product gets launched later this year.

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