Sex…….see I got your attention just by using this word. It does not really matter how much we say and try to refuse but this word for plethora of reasons still makes us stand up and take notice. Some say it is there just for pleasure, some say for fun, some say it is a diversion given to human beings by the Lord to test his devotees but scientifically the reason for its evolution lies in the famous theory of SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST given by Darwin.

To be honest I find nothing wrong if someone thinks it is right because but the problem starts when sex takes over your senses when it becomes a mania in the form of lust. Infamous as it lust has been the reason for the fall of many a mighty from their thrones. It has been the reason and will stay a reason why many a men and women have gone down the wrong road and done things that are abominable to say the least. Sex has been a tool of romance in the stories for many great writers but Lust has been the face of evil in the same novels and Magnus opuses of these writers. Having sex mixed with love and having sex full with lust have always been shown as two different things. In one sense they can be compared to winning. Winning with grace, love and without hurting others and winning with a maniacal attitude. Winning is not bad until it requires the sacrifice of morals. Similarly making love with someone with his/her agreement but forcing someone into submission is not and can’t be kosher in nature.

There can be no problem in admiring someone’s beauty but when goggling takes the form of ogling then the real problem starts and that takes the form of rapes which undoubtedly is the most heinous of crimes. I don’t know whether in the modern times the number of rapes has become higher or not but the argument that the increase in skimpy clothing is the reason makes me laugh. Bill Gates, once the richest men in the world is slowly giving away all the money he has to charities and trusts around the world. If a man who spent his life earning dollars is ready to give them away then it is hilarious to give a sartorial reason for the increase in number of infamous incidents. Probably not all men can be great as not all can rise above matters of minimal importance.

Sex is not viewed to be good by the ascetics and this is right for their purpose because just like money it is materialistic as it links you to the physical not the spiritual world. Granted that sex is a form of expressing love but it is still a physical one and hence not good. For them it annexes can easily annex the pure landscape of their minds and hence they are right in their own sense.

I really don’t want to imbue your mind with my thoughts for the simple reason that this world is what you make of it. For example if you stand on the ground on your two feet the world seems to be different to when you compare that with your view when you lie down on the ground or when you sit on the ground. The truth lies inside you not in the outside world so ask yourself what is right and what is wrong, for in the end you might alone face the consequences of your deeds and life will always provide you with a volley of questions but sporadic answers and thus the force has to come from within the answers have to come from within.

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