Solar Refrigerator… innovation for the third world….

For many years mankind has been looking upon the prospect of using solar energy as a solution to the world’s problem of energy requirements. But one of the basic requirements of mankind is also preserving food and vaccines in the third world country. This had been difficult since this requires the use of refrigerators and in many parts of the world there is no electricity supply.

Earlier solar energy based refrigerators that stores extra energy in led batteries so that it can be used in the nights when the sun is not there. But this project ran out of steam because of the poisonous nature of led and the high cost of led batteries. And just when the world thought that the third world countries’ future would remain bleak in came Emilly Cummins from UK with her model of a solar refrigerator that uses the endothermic nature of evaporation to its advantage. This like any other great innovation let others gasping and gawking.

The refrigerator basically contains two cylinders: outer and inner. The inner one is metallic and the outer one can be made from anything from wood to plastic. Between the two cylinders household waste is put and some water is poured into it. The water for evaporating takes up heat and hence lowers the temperature inside the fridge as less as 6 degree Celsius and in many cases lower which results in the storage of perishable food items and some vaccines becoming possible.

Given the fact that this model is extremely light weight and be made using household waste items, it has become a rage in many African countries.

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