Recently I read a report on the performance of Indian students in a global test and not so surprisingly I found out that the products of the Indian education system were ranked 73rd out of the 74 countries that took part in the competition. I guess the veil has finally been taken off, the roughness below the glossy surface is there for all to see.

To be honest I feel the result of that contest is a tribute to the ‘wretched’, ‘rotten’, ‘rat eaten’, ‘urinated at by a dog’ and ‘infected by red tape’ INDIAN EDUCATATION SYSTEM. We have one of the most powerful of mathematics form available in the form of VEDIC MATHEMATICS but where is it taught. Not in most of the schools but in tuition centres. We talk about the powerful C.B.S.E. examinations but in reality it is just a toothless animal now. An animal which does not even raise the heckles of the most pusillanimous of cats. The continuous and comprehensive evaluation scheme (CCE) introduced by the education ministry to replace the 10th standard examination is a good step but we the Indians will find a way around it one day and leave it as useless as the road outside my home (and they Delhi is a nice place to live).
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Let us talk a bit about the IITs then. I belong to a new IIT, IIT Ropar an institute which should be as good as any other IIT in the coming years. But there is a thing that staggers me that even at prestigious institutes like the IITs (I have talked to my friends and my friends’ friends at other IITs as well) is that most of us are nothing more than misled souls. Most of us use the tax payer’s money for playing games, for watching porn, for spending enormous amount of time on Facebook etc. The fact is that the education system is not flawless as well. Although it does not support spoon feeding like they used to in school or still in many other institutes but it does not ask you to go a step further and stamp your authority on the world. It just provides you the freedom to do it, the space to express yourself but most of us don’t like to find hints and act upon them. We are someone who have to compelled to do something fruitful. Most of us think that being an IIT guarantees security of the future but if we keep on thinking like that we would never be satisfied let go successful. And eventually the IIT brand that has been built by the efforts and the perspicuity of the alumni would tarnish at the world level (but not in India because the same happens in colleges all over the nation).

Even if there is nothing outside you to inspire you, the spark has to come from inside. But sadly, they cut away our balls and cached it away somewhere. They feed us with information that grades are all that matter (and to some extent companies prefer applicants with the higher grades) but that is wrong. Even if it is true than I say the whole damn procedure is wrong. The criteria should be something that tests all your knowledge just not some random numbers written on a sheet of paper.

Also, when they cut our balls they took away the ability to chase our dreams. I guess every one interested in writing should aim to publish a book someday, every guitarist should aim to perform in front of the masses one day and every one interested in research should aim to be a scientist or any other awe-inspiring personality in the technical field.

And mind you by education one should not just mean to acquire technical knowledge. It means to be enlightened and how can we be enlightened if they we are not taught morals of life. I once read that a Prime minister/ President of another country called Indians as sanctimonious. He was not wrong. At the moment all of us are supporting the Lokpal Bill but if you broke a signal tomorrow and a the traffic officer asks you to settle it for the 50% of the fine would you not settle the issue. Where would the Lokpal be then? It takes courage to acknowledge our own mistakes but sadly not many of us have it (and that includes me as well).

I remember the day when one of my friends had called me a DOG (and he sounded serious) when I decided to study away from the group and follow the fragile rules of the NCC ATC (National Cadet Corps Annual Training Camp) 2011. I know many of you would say the same even after reading this and I don’t blame you for that. One day you might take a fall like I took some time back and realise how wrong you had been and how we were nothing more than faggots and men without power or the desire to create some of our own. Ignore this if you want to because like you I am an ‘educated gawaar’ as well but the first step to finding the solution of the problem would always be identifying and accepting the problem.


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