Leave Sachin for a Moment Please……

Well it has been a long time that I have been following Indian cricket and never I have felt the compulsion to compare it to a circus. Eight straight losses in tests outside India and 20 (sic) across all formats came as a surprise to me. Though India’s longest bashing run is of 17 test matches but this one was a bigger disappointment because it came more as a shock than as a ritual. The spirit was missing and the effort was missing.

Amongst all this someone shouted that it was the energy on the field that was missing and was causing this streak. Evidently, the seniors and the big daddies in the team came under the line of fire. The ones who were the heroes of the team had now become the a liability. They were slow in the field, their bats were not talking as well and their age is being touted as not good enough to guarantee us a great future. All in all many said it was time to move on.

Although to be honest I feel there is some substance in these things and nobody ever earns enough Brownie points to become indispensable, it is just that the sudden spur surprises me and my mind goes to a man who with his baby face and more importantly breath taking talent had captured my imagination when I was a teenager (yeah, I am an old man of twenty years): SACHIN TENDULKAR.

I wonder how can we not give a thought to the fact that how difficult it can be for him to bid adieu. Cricket has been life all along. He made an entry into the national team when other children were preparing for their board examinations. He has been walking out there for more than 22 years and he would of course find it difficult to live away from limelight. Many say he had a perfect opportunity to retire from ODIs after winning the world cup. We were also the ones that wanted him to go on. We were the one who pushed him even harder.

And what’s the crap him for playing on for money? To be a bit pragmatic he has already earned enough that most of us ever will. Who wants him to score that 100th hundred? We. Who rejoiced at getting that 200 milestone? We. Who cried with him when the world cup came home? We. So is it not a bit harsh to mutter things against him. He has certainly been in the twilight of his career but is still away from darkness. He would also want to retire on a high not when people are calling for his head. Don’t drench him of your love, he knows what he is doing.

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