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Well it is the eight of March 2012 and there is something different about this day. Yeah, we celebrate it as the International Women’s day. One day dedicated for the species (sic) that make up half the human population and those for some reasons are dominated by the other half in many parts of this world.

I find it strange how women about whom it is well documented, as being better hunters have capitulated to the men when they clearly were the ones mentally stronger. Their status as better hunters started to change into seductresses once we started settling down into civilisations. It was the fear that there man might go for someone else and hence they started dressing up better to keep their man to themselves. That’s became the engine that’s still driving the multibillion cosmetic industries. Men in an endeavour to seize the opportunity and establish their pseudo-authority started propagating the fact about women being weak enough to work in the society and outside the house. It was a perfect opportunity to curb their status and establish superiority and so they did.

The surprising fact is that though women also capitulated without a fight. But for everyone’s sake one women or the other started to show their spark in their battlefield started winning the battles. This called for a lot of women to fight for equal rights being given to them. For obvious reasons it was termed as a rebellion. That struggle still continues in many parts of the world seeing sporadic rightful victories of women over men. The intelligent men have also started to observe that the developed countries had more rights for women than the developing countries. It was a circle completing itself. We are in a way returning to the same status of equal rights for women as we had at the starting of the civilised world although we are advanced in other ways.

And so we come to a country like India, a country with immense potential but one which many (including me) believe will never be a superpower. It’s time to clear the menace here as well but in a proper way, using a proper path by leaders who are not headstrong but good students of the situations. Just giving rights to women won’t help but implementing them in a proper way as well will help. Preventing their misuse is also important otherwise cases where the man is harassed and the woman complaints are going to come forever. There is a need for educated women to lead the change not by those that want their political ambitions satisfied. Change is the essence of development but it has to be brought by selfless intellectuals not by selfish morons (well not really morons, they play a game bigger than you and I can understand). It is time we need a huntress to be the cynosure and bid adieu to the seductress for some time.

The times are changing at least in some parts though. We have highly educated and efficient women holding onto positions which were once deemed as suitable only for men. The sad part is that the number is so less that it has to be seen as exception rather than harbinger of change. Female foeticide, education for only the male child is still dominant, after marriage rapes are dominant as well, dowry still rules the marital talks and in many parts women are restricted to household chores only. We continue to respect women only in forms of goddesses whereas those that stay at home are abused. The Britishers who ruled us for a long time on the pretext that they were better than us in every aspect have had many great queens. I guess you would have got the message.

Ask for equal rights ladies. Men will be happier to give them in a moment or so as they would love to give you equal rights when they will come to know you are in reality better than them in more ways they can imagine and it is always better for one that the superior feels equal to him.

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