Why I don’t care who the next president is?

Well, it is about 9:00 p.m. and I have just completed Lance Armstrong’ s ‘It’s not about the bike’ which is phenomenal to say the least and calling it inspiring will be an understatement. The other news which I just heard which is very significant as they say is that Pranab Mukherjee has got the required support and it now near impossible to beat him the race to President’s house. Well, it may be significant for you but to be honest holds no importance for me and if you look deep down inside you I am sure you are going to come out with the same thing. It is a ceremonial post is not it? A powerless man at a powerless post! In a country like our where people speak different patois, face different weather conditions and different problems every few kilometres this ceremonial post is nothing but a paragon of powerlessness and thus uselessness. Don’t get me wrong but it has been made into one. It has been used as a political tool since I remember.

Last time, it was argued that a woman becoming the president meant the empowerment of Women in this country. Surprisingly, the female foeticide does not seem to recede and the hatred does not seem to get evicted. The lady at the throne was touted by many as nothing but a puppet and I am afraid she did nothing significant as compared to the one before her. And it was in her tenure I came to know what ‘Honour Killing’ is. See, I got to know the problem now I would be able to solve t. That’s the positive impact of making a woman the first citizen only because she is a woman. Got it.

Before the missile man there was a man at the throne who was a ‘Dalit’ and it was said that he should be given a second term because of the same reason as it is good for the Dalit Community (and that was the first time I asked my parents who is a ‘Dalit’). Oh yes, making him one would have stopped the people in the rural areas (where the problem seems to be more pronounced) would have stopped people from banning Dalits from entering the Temples or stopped them from converting into Catholics and hence being attacked by the upper castes and other Hindus. I guess not, but so much for being a Dalit. That’s called politics. In some ways I am glad he died, he would have to face so many questions on his Judgement day as to how he did not become the president for the second time running and saved millions. He could have done s much after all!!

To be honest, the selection of Mr Mukherjee does hold some significance because I read in the newspapers that Mulayam Singh was close to finalise a deal with Congress that if he supports Mr Mukherjee then all cases against him should be handled a bit softly. The CBI and CVC after all are nothing but mere puppets. But it is still a bad move. If Uttar Pradesh would have been having elections next year I am sure he would have supported Mr Kalam (not because he has been a great servant for this nation but because he is a Muslim and Uttar Pradesh does have a large number of them).

There was a guy called Giani Zail Singh who had gone on air and said (when it was said that he was picked by Indira Gandhi) “If my leader had said I should pick up a broom and be a sweeper, I would have done that. She chose me to be President”. I am not mincing words here. It’s Wikipedia. I donated Rs. 500 to them out my own pocked last year. So, I have to believe them. See, I told you it is a ceremonial post. Put your loyalists out there and who better than Mr Mukherjee who has been the saviour of UPA on many occasions.

Well, I am a student. I study in one of the new IITs (which were partly opened due to the reservation given to OBCs) and I am doing an intern at one of the National Laboratories. So, why should I worry? The petrol prices are on the rise and so I can’t ask my parents to buy me a motor vehicle. I don’t want to prepare for I.A.S. as I don’t have interests in the ‘gifts’ it gets you (well that’s the reason one of my friends told me when I asked him why he chose to become one, “Freebies” he said) and statistics show that not many can remain corruption free. Then there is the new JEE thing going on, which if implemented will make me a part of folklore as no guy with illegible handwriting would make it to any IIT. My mother is a teacher so I know how examination sheets are checked in board exams. So, in short I just want to leave this country once and for all but I know I can’t as all my relatives are here.

But I will have to. You see, a fucked up country and a messed up life; it can’t get any worse. But I will stay and try to F.U.C.K. this country. Don’t worry read this for more details READ THIS.

Yes, my friend has just completed his simulation and I will have to go. This article was just a bravura one. Go, and watch news we are about to get either our new ‘First Citizen’ or another twist in the tail.

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