OKAY,Hari the guy for whom I wrote the last part has approached me again as Deepika for whom the last part was written has not taken the post too well.He says it was taken as a taunt and his behavior as childish.He actually made me write that post so that he can say thanks to Deepika but it turned out to be a different story.So,this post is going to explain the the reasons for posting that story and all that stuff.

Now after you have got that slap on your cheek naturally you expect that this was the worst thing that could have  happened,but obviously you had not been on face book on that day and you become online that night you are called childish and irresponsible.You delete that post but after 2 hours reinstate it because you want the truth to come out.You flashback to the day when you had called her up in the night and she had told you that she was not happy with B.Tech and was preparing for PMT (Pre-Medical Test).She keeps telling you for many days to come and one day you realize that although you were rejected but you are still a good friend of her and owe a responsibility.You start suggesting her ways to increase her study time during the night time.You tell her not wear sleepers or wear knee length clothes so that the legs remain cold and you active.But you are termed weird.But you take it in your stride.You think that you can’t be so selfish for a girl.IN THE SCHOOL YOU NEVER EXPRESSED YOUR FEELINGS FOR THE SAKE OF STUDIES AND NOW WHEN SHE WANTS TO STUDY HOW CAN YOU TRY BE A FRIEND TO HER.ITS JUST LIKE SORRY I DI NOT HAVE MUCH TIME IN SCHOOL BUT NOW I HAVE SO LET US BE TOGETHER.So you decide not to call talk to her everyday and help in whichever way possible.

Everything going so well.Even after you two broke up for the final time you are happy for her and you want her to crack PMT.You decide to write a post to SAY THANK YOU TO HER THROUGH A STORY OF A BOY WHOSE ATTITUDE CHANGED THROUGH A GIRL AND HIS LIFE CHANGED AS WELL.But you are termed childish.You want to call her to explain all the things but NOKIA HAS NOT RETURNED YOUR PHONE YET.So you get her number from somewhere and call her but she won’t pick it up and then turn it off.

You are now a HALF DEVDAS.You don’t cut your beard and are very unhappy.Your self respect has been hurt because unintentionally you have hurt someone.YOU ARE DEVDAS BUT YOU STAY ALIVE ON COLD DRINKS AND NO TO ALCOHOL BECAUSE YOU ARE UNDER AN OATH NOT TO DRINK IT.You are so depressed that you don’t go for jogging anymore in the evenings.You try to come out of the sea of depression by taking a dip in the makkhan and curd filled paranthas.THE DELIVERY BOYS OF MCDONALD’S AND DOMINOS NOW RESIDE IN YOUR HOME ONLY.You lost 2 kg in one month and gained 4 kg in 4 days.You listen only to EMPTYNESS FROM ROHAN RATHOD.To add to this your friends call you up and ask about your personnel life.You are all but lost.You don’t want to play cricket as well.You can’t think about anything else and so cannot complete your story on three friends from IIT ROPAR and their special mission.You just wanna sit and drink colas and eat burgers.You watch FRIENDS to try and forget her but you can’t.But you don’t have the courage to message her on face book as well.So you ask your friend to write another true story for you.

You give her the link again and wait for her call but she won’t call.So, you call her you wish her best of luck and say sorry and she forgives you and your shoulders feel lighter and this is how it ends.While trying to please a CHUBBY BUDDY YOU BECAME CHUBBIER.Although you were still termed childish by some but Your self respect is back and you emerge as a better person as this experience taught you another thing just like you learnt a lot from her whenever you used to call her.


Moral:Just believe in the truth and keep your intentions right.Sooner or later everything will fall in place itself.

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