Churaaya Karte hai


  1. Aaj baithe hai dariya kinare
  2. Soch mein dubey.. man ko samjhaaye.
  3. Ek waqt apni qaabiliyat ke paasbaan-e-raaz the hum
  4. Zameen se jude ek Dahqan se hum
  5. Par Wo Traash ke faash kr gye khudse humein
  6. Kamil nhi par apni dastan-goi acchi lgi humein
  7. Phir Parvaaze bhri aisi jab wo dii-dar rha
  8. Ki anjum kya, noor-e-mahtaab kya?
  9. Par anjaam-e-ishq kab maqool rha?
  10. Nishaan-e-parvaaz ban kab mauj-e-zindagi kab badta rha?
  11. Wajah-e-inteshaar aakhir hum hi the
  12. Gharoor mein ghumraah, aakhir hum hi the
  13. Ab tham si gyi hai dariya-e-hansi
  14. Hothon se pehle rukhsaar par khi ruki
  15. Kya raahat vasl-e-anjuman mein mile
  16. Jab Mehrbaan apna aashnaa na mile
  17. To Aaj uchii parvaazo saath saaki hai
  18. Aur Wo nhi unki yaadon se rozgar baaki hai
  19. To aaj is kadar unhe bhulaaya krte hai,
  20. Yaadon ki dibbiya se kuch pal churaaya karte hai…churaaya karte hai.

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P.S.: The last two lines have been inspired the work of my brother: Divyanshu Arora.


  1. I am sitting at the coast of a river
  2. Lost in my thoughts, and trying to make my heart understand
  3. There was a time when I was a guard of the secrets of my potential (I never realised my potential)
  4. I was attached to the ground like a peasant is (I thought what is enough is enough and shall never be more successful)
  5. But she polished me and made me known to myself (Made me realise my potential)
  6. It was not perfect but I liked what I heard of myself (I was of course no perdect but I believed more)
  7. Then I took a lot of flights with her, the connoisseur (We I did a lot of work, when she, the one who identified my potential, was cheering for me)
  8. And reached not just starts but the illumination of the moon as well (And I reached the heights of success doing this)
  9. But when has been the result of love been rational? (When have there been rational (happy endings))
  10. When has the trail of our flights (that is our past) has become (guided) the waves of our life? (When have we learnt from our past and guided our future?)
  11. At last I was the one who was the reason for our divergence (conflict) (I was the one because of whom we separated)
  12. At last I was the one who was lost in his arrogance (For I was the one who had forgotten her contribution to my success)
  13. Now the river (flow of) my smile (happiness) has stopped
  14. It has stopped at the cheeks before reaching the hothon (Without her my happiness is incomplete)
  15. What relief can one find in the union of the world (What am I suppose to do with all this praise that I get from the people around me?)
  16. When one is not able to find a kind intimate friend (When there not that mistress of mine?)
  17. So there are now drinks with the high flights that I am taking (So now there are only drinks to spend my time with)
  18. And not her but her memories are the reason of my survival (And her memories keep me going)
  19. So I try and forget her in a way (So I try to forget her)
  20. That I steal small memories from the box of memories. (But still have to look at her memories as I can’t survive without them)



  1. Dariya=River
  2. Paasbaan= Guard
  3. Raaz=Secrets
  4. Dahqan=Peasant
  5. Faash= Evident
  6. Parvaaz= Flights
  7. Kamil=Perfect
  8. Dastan=Story
  9. Goi=Telling
  10. Dii-dar= Gourmet, Connoisseur
  11. Noor=Aura, Light, Illumination
  12. Mah(Mahtaab)=Moon
  13. Maqool=Rational
  14. Saaki=Drinks
  15. Rukhsaar=Cheek, Face
  16. Wajah=Reason
  17. Inteshaar= Divergence
  18. Vasl= Meeting
  19. Anjuman= Assembly
  20. Meharbaan= Kind
  21. Aashnaa= Intimate Friend
  22. Rozgar=Subsistence

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