NOW IF YOU WOULD HAVE COME HERE FOR THE First time you must be thinking why this guy has chosen such a name for his blog-“SOMYANSHU ARORA-THE EDUCATED GAWAAR”.
So I have decided to give you the reason very early i.e. at the start of this journey.
The name of the blog is such because I am a product (as many of you might be) of “THE GREAT EDUCATION SYSTEM OF INDIA” where i think students are given ways to score marks and not told to take a deep dive into the great ocean of knowledge.
I can’t imagine a day in my school where I was told to think something out of the box or may be think of a solution by myself.Mind you scoring marks in different CBSE exams is like a mirror which can show unclear images of a person’s potential.Scoring marks does not make you STREET SMART which i think is essential asset now a days and scoring marks DOES NOT CONTRIBUTE IN ONE ATTAINING THE ESSENCE OF STUDY.I can think of thousands of instances and I think many of you an as well where you feel that how can that guy clear that aptitude exam (or any exam where application of concepts is required),he scores less than me in every school exam then me.These instances are bound come across in one’s life.
I myself in my life found myself short of ideas in crunch situations.So its actually not important to have knowledge but to have the ability to apply it is very important.
That’s why i guess I am along with many of you is a EDUCATED GAWAAR.

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